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Crystal Sky Therapy

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Meditation / Relaxation Space
With Plant Music


 Welcome to the Crystal Sky Therapy Experience!  Come surrender your sincere time, underneath hundreds of hanging Water Chime Crystals! Hanging on the back wall is a beautiful Copper Healing Dream Catcher, on top of the massage table or a chair is Copper Dream Catcher covered by a rollout beach mat (Healing Blanket)  and you are surrounded by blue water colored curtains while listening to a plant or tree playing a melody just for you. Take this time to simply relax and let go or meditate on something soulful! Mother Nature Loves You!


This unique space is designed for the whole experience; mind, body and spirit! You can either lie down or sit on a massage/mediation table or chair. Once we pick out the live plant melody for you to listen to, all that’s left is relax and enjoy. The normal session is 30 minutes but by request you can stay longer. We will be recording the plant music during your session so that we can email you a link to download your personal melody or we can make you a cd. No worries, you are always in control of what you receive, what you give and how the session goes.

Quartz Crystals ~ Water Chime Crystals 

Each Quartz Crystal is hand engraved with the words for our Water~  Love and Gratitude, The Ho’onopono Prayer or a Heart inspired by Dr. Emoto. The intentions of the Water Chime Crystals are to share our love and gratitude with all our water including our water bodies, creating a growing living prayer! Water Loves You!

What to bring with you or use with a video

All you really need to bring is yourself. I would suggest bringing a water or something to sip on in case you get thirsty. Other things that are nice is bringing your own favorite pillow and a light blanket depending on the weather/temperature.  For outdoor session you might consider bringing your blue tooth ear pods/head phones ( they must be blue tooth to work) as their can traffic and other noises.  And of course please bring a crystals or two to charge up during your session. You may wish to bring a journal or writing tablet to write down your experience while it is fresh in your mind. 

You are welcome to bring a friend or child with you. You can share a session with some one if you wish.

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thank each and every one of you for giving the "Crystal Sky Therapy" a try. I have been working on this creation since about 2014. It has been a gracious and trying process but I am absolutely in love. I love being a part of something greater than myself. Each person adds to the love and gratitude of this living prayer, this loving energy that we share with each other. You bring your own understanding of the incredible universe   and share your love and gratitude in your way. We all have different ideas, different understanding, different knowledge and different ways of interacting with Mother Nature, Water and Each Other. Though I am honored to be a part of creating this space and sharing my love and gratitude,the good stuff happening is far greater than anything just from me. We are all a part of this together including Mother Nature.

I can't thank you enough for trying this and sharing your experiences. This is the first time I have shared this and so we have a few things to work out and adjust. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy your session.

Please feel free to message me with any questions or anything. It's easiest to set up a time with Email or in Fb right now. 

Jodi ~

Jodi ~

Melodies of Our Plants ~FB/

Crystal Sky Therapy

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